Story sharing

A booklet for narrative identity and dialogue

Story sharing

In the summer 2024 a group of 30 youth workers will be living together in a co-housing experience of 8 days experimenting with different tools and methods to tell stories and create dialogue around our identities.

We will exchange our experience with performing arts, comics, illustration and communication.

The training will be hosted by the Sanctuary of Roccaporena and the local multi-stakeholders HUB Territori Intraprendenti who is running a project to transform an old orphanage into a place of interdisciplinary collaboration for socio-cultural welfare. The objective of the HUB project is to foster cultural participation in the rural area, to rediscover and reinvent together the identity of places and the cultural and natural heritage, involving in this process young people who have with limited access to facilities and opportunities. Other targets are the "care leavers”, the hikers and slow tourists.

Cascia is situated in one of the Rural Areas of Italy, which offers a perfect opportunity for our trainers to practice their skills with the local youth, bringing to them stories from foreign countries, providing them the chance to have an intercultural exchange and practice their English and communication skills.




The first day will be dedicated to community building and the presentation of the context.

The training will start with a dialogue session on “storytelling”, what it means for each of us and what it can be, followed by an afternoon where the local community will also be invited to a presentation of the Erasmus+ programme opportunities and meet the international organization partners of the project.

During the rest of the week will run workshops to share practices with some opening for experimenting with the local youth which will allow us to explore the different methods used by the partner organizations.

During the last days we will brainstorm on tools to create a space for safe sharing, using methods such as Non-violent communication and dialogue facilitation. This part of the training will incorporate the experience of SPIN and Sconfinando, and their work inspired by the Living library and Human Library projects.

We will have one afternoon of Open Space Technology where all participants can suggest a topic to discuss or an activity to try and dedicate one day to visit the local projects and to share observations.

Finally we will start co-creating a booklet of tools.




On the 25th of June the trainers will organize a public event where they will share their stories and offer their workshops using the techniques that they exchanged and experimented during the week.


What will the activity look like


The first part of the afternoon will be dedicated to a storytelling following the format of Vite in Autostop, already experimented several times by Sconfinando APS:

the youth workers will share their stories with the youth, in a one to one conversation, in rounds of 20 minutes.

You can visit our gallery  or watch this video to get a sense of how this is done.

The youth workers will then offer workshops designed for the local youth during the training to experiment the different techniques.

This experience will also aim to create a moment of exchange of different perceptions on what a rural area can offer to both locals and temporary passengers, and the beauty and challenge of living in a remote place.

We will be creating a video storytelling on this encounters and bservations and contributions will be included in our booklet.





  • Arab Origami Center from Egypt

Ossama from the Arab Origami Center will share with us some new techniques developed by the Egyptian center based on the use of origami to tell stories.